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Where your pets feel at home

At Canine Corner Grooming, we pride ourselves on making your pet feel as comfortable as possible in our calm home environment
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We offer Dog and Cat Grooming.

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We are excited to become your go-to Cat and Dog groomer.

Located in Pickering near Liverpool and Bayly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most stress-free grooming experience for your dogs and cats, while offering you the most effortless grooming process. 

How do we do this?

We provide the most stress-free grooming for your dogs and cats by offering the calmest possible environment during your pets appointment. Grooming out of our home-based salon in Pickering allows cats and dogs to feel at ease without heavy traffic of customers, or other animals barking and whining. By only scheduling 1 pet at a time per groomer, this avoids your pet being crated for extended periods of time, if at all, as they’re worked on start to finish. Canine Corner is where your pet feels at home.

We are also able to offer you the most effortless process with our online booking and checkout process. So you can save your valuable time for things you enjoy much more.